Coping With Different Parenting Styles

Parents will care that they may not hurt their parents and decrease their love. Quality time is spent by those parents who behave according to authentic style. Parents make sure that they take time out of their busy routines for the children. This time spending strengthens the bond between kids and parents Navuluri, There are both flexible and strict modes of authoritative parenting. There are many areas where parents need to be lenient while for other there must be strict rules.

Most of the things include flexibility of parents with their kids. High level of love is also showered by the parents along with keeping strict rules. Effects deals with happenings that occur while bringing up kids. As authoritative parents are close with their children, therefore they learn. Following are some of the obvious consequences that can be observed easily in the children brought up by authoritative parents Dewar, :.

There are many benefits of authoritative parents not only for kids but parents as well.

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  • Authoritarian, Strict Parenting Vs. Permissive: Which is Better?.

Following are some of the advantages. Disagreeable circumstances can be avoided by parents along with children, as the rules and regulations are mentioned. Children are not harsh with their parents. Children and parents talk about every kind of issues rather than fighting. When there is happy environment at home then it will result in the children development for making their kids a better individual.

A certain balance is held in between discipline and love. There is the continuous attention of parents on their children to avoid spoiling of their kids. When the balance is eliminated, parents try to build it again. Parents motivate their kids to get a good grade by working hard. They also support their kids in any bad situation. Parents do not measure the hard work of kid by his results but by his sincerity to succeed Dewar, Children become self-assured while developing. They understand when to say no and in such a manner that it will not hurt others as their parents always do so.

They try to solve the issue with confidence. There are fewer chances that the children who grow under authoritative parents will become addicted to drinking, smoking and other such drugs as there is an eye of parents constantly. Parents try to know their kids and avoid their involvement in corrupt activities. Changes in kids can be easily observed by the parents. In authoritative parenting, parents need to make sure that situation is under control.

Following are some of the disadvantages of authoritative parenting. Permissive parenting is another type of parental style that is consists of low demands with increased responsiveness. The parents adopting this style are found to love but provide few guidelines and work with few rules. Children are not expected to behave maturely, and parents try to act like their friend rather than acting like a parent. They try to minimize the gap in between parents and kids.

Parents avoid acting like helicopter parents.

Rather than criticizing every action of their child, permissive parents very lenient and do not make or impose any rules on their kids. The slogan of such parents is that children will always be children. No matter such parents are caring and affectionate, but they are very strict when it comes to disciple matters of the child.

As there are many principles, demands of parents, as well as their expectations, permissive parents along with their kids, make an effort to promote dignity and self-discipline. Permissive parents refer to easy-going parents that do not put forward many demands in front of their kids. This parenting style is not worried about the surrounding and is gentle.

Such parents behave in a friendly manner with their kids. Such parents are like a friend for their child rather than punishing figure. Communication among parents and children is very high.

Discuss the effects of parenting style on children's development.

Kids who are brought up by loving parents have more confidence in themselves, socially active and low level of stress. These elements lead to an optimistic and positive attitude of children. However, it can also affect negatively which includes harming and damaging the emotional well-being of children. His maturity level in the emotional area is low. According to the research with the early age children, a popular psychologist, Diana Baumrind introduced three main parenting styles.

Later in the years, fourth parenting style has been added to view it from a different perspective with the continuous effort of researchers. Baumrind introduced a major parenting style which was permissive parenting. Permissive parenting can be described as when parents have few expectations or demands over their children Dewar, They do not have many expectations from the children which lead to low discipline and maturity within the child.

This parenting style is known to be less demanding and more responsive as Baumrind mentioned in her research. These kinds of parents do not look for mature behavior from their children and also prefer not to confront their child. Here are some of the main characteristics which can reflect Permissive Parenting Style Cherry, :. It is a duty of each parent to groom the kids and them a responsible citizen not just for themselves but the society as well. There can be negative effects of permissive parenting which can be a path towards bad outcomes in the later stages of life.

Children who face permissive parenting tend to be less social, lack discipline, demanding, bossy, obsessive, and insecure. They mostly spend time with themselves because of no proper guidance. They like to stay isolated because they are not able to find any way out with parents being present in their life.

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Research has proven that kids which are raised under permissive parenting cannot make proper decisions and lack problem-solving skills. They do not have many achievements in their life because nothing has been expected out of them since the beginning.

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They do not know how to strive for something and how it feels to achieve a target Cherry, Their decisions tend to change within split seconds because of the confusion in their brain. They are more aggressive than others and rarely consider understanding emotionally. Those kids are not able to manage time and have a habit of procrastination Dewar, Show More. Academic Motivation : Mediating Variable between Parenting Style and Academic Achievement reinforcing, caring, and showing warmth to their children and these differences are called Parenting Styles.

Read More. Words: - Pages: Words: - Pages: 7. Essay about Diana Baumrind Diana Blumberg Baumrind is a clinical and developmental psychologist that specializes in parenting styles.

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Words: - Pages: 4. Family Dynamics and Adolescent Conduct Disorders Among Nigerian Secondary School Students , and parents have the primary responsibility of raising and teaching their children appropriate behaviours and social skills, a closer look at the importance of family dynamics such as relationship between parents, family structure, and parenting style, and birth order in conduct disorder is imperative. Words: - Pages: 5. Essay The Theory Of The Attachment Theory has been found that young children with a secure attachment to their caregivers tend to be more popular with their peers and exhibit positive social interactions with other children.

Words: - Pages:. Popular Essays. Ready To Get Started? Create Flashcards. What can couples with different parenting styles do to help their kids thrive? Frazier offers moms and dads these pointers:.

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Get counseling. A professional therapist can help both parents understand how their upbringing drives their parenting styles, as well as how to handle disagreements in a healthy way. Keep the kids out of it.