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Max discusses a summer camp challenge in this essay for the Common Application.

Writing Essays to get into Selective Summer Programs. Save yourself the stress of an all-nighter and write it in advance of the deadline, if at all possible. This is one element of an essay that can really wind students up. Yes, the same applies to the conclusion. Do not, under any circumstances, add new information to your conclusion.

Assume your reader is a bit stupid and use the conclusion as an opportunity to tell them what you have already told them in the essay. No, a spell checker is not enough.

Sample College Admissions Essay on Teaching Summer Camp

Make sure you got through your essay a few times and ask a friend or willing family member to help you with the proofreading too, as they will be able to look at the essay from a different perspective. Are you looking to hone your creative writing skills? Our award-winning creative writing summer school would be a great fit!

As I pressed the "PLAY" button on the tape recorder I knew that ten year-old girls cared deeply about this wedding. Despite the absence of a reason for celebration, I pulled all the girls into the circle and we started dancing and clapping to the music. The energy that went into the preparation on previous days could finally be appreciated. My campers and I not only celebrated the accomplishment of the mock wedding, we celebrated the fun and excitement we experienced for the first three weeks in Camp Glitter Girls.

I had begun preparing for Camp Glitter Girls over four months before by budgeting, sending out fliers, confirming registration and finally making sure that every camper would have the time of her life. As I danced, I celebrated the times I almost lost my patience but didn't, the times that I planned activities late into the night because I knew that only an organized schedule would ensure the success of my camp.

The lessons I had learned from previous summer camps contributed greatly to this camp's success.

At the age of thirteen, I first ran a camp for eight children. The next year a friend and I co-managed a camp for twenty children at a small school campus.

Finally at the age of fifteen I created my most challenging summer camp with thirty-five children. In just three years the size of my camp tripled and so did the life lessons.

SUMMER CAMP ESSAY: Why do you want to attend the summer course?

The overnight to San Diego, water fun, cheers, a carnival to end the summer and many other events definitely ensured that my campers had a great summer. However, at the end of those six weeks, new ideas floated in my mind about how I would manage a camp next time. The camp's increased size added new dimensions to management. On one occasion I firmly reminded a mother of her financial obligations to the camp when she started bargaining. When counselors failed to perform as expected I was required to separate friendships and business.

With a much wider variety of campers, I dealt with behavioral problems among the campers. This even included involving the parents in the case of two unusually unruly boys.

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